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  • We are happy to introduce our surf skate truck set.

    Front and rear truck differ to achieve the perfect fast, tight, progressive ride. Fast turns, snappy cut backs and super smooth carving perfect for all levels of riding. Turn any deck into surf skate with these great trucks, we recommend the Mindless Viper wheel to compliment the ride.

    We tested every setup we could to get the smoothest ride possible. Washers, pivot cups, bushing hardness and heights were tirelessly swapped and tweaked to make the most of the precision geometry. Provided with risers and bolts. 



    Truck Height: 85mm

    Hanger Width: 159mm

    Front Truck Weight (complete): 430g

    Rear Truck Weight (complete): 450g

    Mounting holes to fit old and new school set-ups

    Side debossed logos

    Pure 356.2 aluminium with secondary heat treatment to T6 for extra strength and durability


    73° Angle king pin rear truck

    90° Angle king pin front truck

    PVC custom pivot cup – less turning resistance

    Kingpin and washers

    Grade 8 fixed king pins

    2mm thick washers flat bottom washer

    Cupped cone top washers

    Bushings and Pivot Cup

    Barrel bottom, cone top bushing.

    Factory lubricated pivot with PU pivot cup.

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