Savage III

The ever popular Savage has been updated for 2015 with micro-drop platform for a lower centre of gravity and w-concave keeping feet locked in place. The new graphic is now available in two colour options for this season. 

Vertically laminated zebra bamboo core sandwiched between four layer of maple 
7″ RK trucks with 78a bushing 
76mm 83a Shifta wheels
ABEC 9 Chrome bearings

Savage III Specs

LENGTH: 101cm / 39.75 inches
WIDTH: 25.4cm / 10 inches
WHEELBASE: 83.75cm / 33 inches
SHAPE: Drop through race deck with micro-drop platform and W-concave.
CONSTRUCTION: Vertically laminated zebra bamboo core, sandwiched between four layer of maple.
TRUCKS: 7 inch reverse kingpin with reversible hanger. 78A cushions
WHEELS: Mindless Shifta 76mm x 53 83A
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280 lbs


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