Peché III X Kook
We are delighted to collab with UK extreme sport illustrator, Alex Szukalski from Kook Culture across four of our boards, creating stunning graphics like this stunning Koi fish artwork. Staying true to the origins of the Peché, Alex put his wonderful own spin on it. The swallow-tailed top mount deck is the perfect size for a carvey riding style, making the Peché III a great promenade cruiser. The beautiful sand spray grip shows off the top layer of bamboo whilst providing plenty of grip!

Mindless Peché III X Kook Specs

LENGTH: 100.3cm / 39 inches
WIDTH: 23.81cm / 9.375 inches
WHEELBASE: 67.8cm / 26.5 inches
SHAPE: Shallow Tailed Top Mount 
CONSTRUCTION: 5 ply bamboo and Maple deck
Hydraulically pressed epoxy deck
TRUCKS: Talisman V2 Black
WHEELS: 71 x 51 mm 80a SHR Nimball wheels PU
R.M.W: 14st / 90kg / 195lbs


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