The Maverick DT has been spawned from our own fair hands whilst chilling in our workshop. The challenge was to take the beautiful shape and concavity of the Maverick but give it greater speed and stability while removing any possibility of wheel bite. So, with jigsaw in hand, we set to work sculpting a deck that would suit these needs.


The essence of the original Maverick is there in abundance but we gave it drop through trucks for stability, huge cut outs to eliminate wheel bite and a shape to die for. Couple this with our brand new centrally cored 83A Shifta wheels and you end up with a beast that is happy to just cruise but deep down is itching to hit the hills!

Maverick DT Specs

LENGTH: 111.75cm / 44 inches
WIDTH: 24.75cm / 9.75 inches
WHEELBASE: 85.75cm / 33.75 inches
SHAPE: Drop through pin tail. Deep concave with oversized cutouts
CONSTRUCTION: 6-ply Hardrock Canadian maple. Bottom ply smoked bamboo with a natural GT stripe inlay
TRUCKS: 7 inch RK trucks in Matt black with reversible hanger and Mindless 83A SHR soft cushions
WHEELS: Mindless Shifta 76mm 83A
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280lbs


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