The Maverick DT is in its third form, now epoxy pressed with a fresh new graphic and is available with our ever popular Talisman Truck. 
A firm favourite for years, the low centre of gravity and reliable shifta wheels ensures that this board is a firm favourite for all riders. 

Maverick DT III Talisman Specs

LENGTH: 111.75cm / 44 inches
WIDTH: 24.75cm / 9.75 inches
WHEELBASE: 85.75cm / 33.75 inches
SHAPE: Drop through pin tail. Deep concave with oversized cutouts
CONSTRUCTION: 8ply Epoxy pressed deck made from maple and bamboo with stained veneer and fibre reinforced nose and tails.
TRUCKS: 7” Talisman Black finish. 87A medium Mojo bushings
WHEELS: Mindless Shifta 76mm 83A
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280lbs


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