The Lakota is a stunning board, showing off its Bamboo and Canadian Maple construction in all its glory. Measuring in as the longest board in our quiver, the Lakota offers a beautifully smooth, surfy riding experience.


This is a great quality Concave pintail with adjustable truck mounts for ultimate adjustment. CNC wheel wells cut to the complementing stained layer seal the deal!

Bamboo PLY not only looks great but performs really well in any situation whether that’s carving or cruising! The Lakota is sure to work its Mindless Voodoo Magic on you!

Lakota Specs

LENGTH: 111.7cm / 44 inches
WIDTH: 24.76cm / 9.75 inches
WHEELBASE: 86.3cm / 34 inches
SHAPE: Concave pintail with adjustable truck mounts and CNC wheel wells
CONSTRUCTION: 6 ply Canadian Maple. Bamboo bottom ply. Hydraulically pressed deck sealed with a satin finish
TRUCKS: 7” Talisman raw finish. 87A medium Mojo bushings
WHEELS: Mindless Haraka 69 x 51mm  81A
BEARINGS: High precision skate rated quality
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280lbs


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