We took our Lakota pintail and mutated it into a dark, evil hill bomber! Adjustable drop-through cut outs bring the board closer to earth enabling a super stable, confidence inspiring bombing machine. Equipped with our largest Haraka wheels, the Lakota DT will take on any deathly descent with ease.

Lakota DT Specs

LENGTH: 101.6cm / 40 inches
WIDTH: 24.76cm / 9.75 inches
WHEELBASE: 77.8cm / 30.63 inches
SHAPE: Concave stubby pintail with drop through cut outs with adjustable truck mounts and CNC wheel wells
CONSTRUCTION: 8 ply Maple. Hydraulically pressed epoxy deck sealed with a satin finish
TRUCKS: 7” Talisman raw finish with 87A medium Mojo bushings
WHEELS: Mindless Haraka 75 x 58mm, 84A
BEARINGS: High precision skate rated quality
R.M.W: 20st / 130kg / 280lbs


Makali SK
Makali DK
Makali DH
Mindless Lakota DT
Mindless Cayuga II
Mindless Nyoka Flex
Mindless Lakota DT II
Rogue Blue and Green Featured Image
Rogue Blue and Green Featured Image copy
RAVEN II New colours
Mindless Raven II
savage new colours
falcon brown
Mindless Sanke
Mav Featured Image
Mav DT Talisman Featured Image
Mav Talisman Featured Image
Corsair III
Savage III
Daily Grande
Raider III
Hunter III
RogueIII_300 copy
Mindless Campus III
Daily-300-Breast-Cancer1 copy
Daily 300 stained
Peche II Talisman
Peche II
Mindless Tribal Rogue Black Edition