Our much-loved Hamu is also available in this 41″ version, featuring a demonic design packed with epic detail by guest artist, Bodilpunk, and mounted on our exclusive Talisman II trucks!


The smaller size and shorter wheelbase adds more manoeuvrability, making it great for flips and technical tricks. In fact, this board is so versatile it’s happy dancing, commuting or cruising your favourite hill. 


The Hamu 41 has a mellow concave, subtle rockers and a unique die cut grip tape design. 

Hamu 41 Specs

LENGTH: 104.1cm / 41 inches
WIDTH: 21.5cm / 8.5 inches
WHEELBASE: 71.1cm / 28 inches
SHAPE: Mellow camber symmetrical dancer board with subtle nose and tail kicks and CNC shaping.
CONSTRUCTION: 6 ply deck made almost completely from bamboo with 2 layers of maple to control the flex plus fibre reinforcement on the nose and tail.
TRUCKS: 7" Talisman II with 94a bushings
WHEELS: 70mm 78A Maji wheels
BEARINGS: Hoodoo freeride quality 
M.R.W: 14st / 90kg / 198lbs


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