Mindless Longboards was created over a decade ago by dedicated riders looking to create a performance and affordable longboard brand.






Back then our philosophy was to provide high quality, well-designed longboards, at affordable prices. And nothing’s changed.



All of our products are designed and extensively tested in the UK. We have complete control over every aspect of the production

process and ensure that the products are lovingly assembled in an ethical and sustainable way in our own factory.


We are renowned for using the best pressing techniques, board constructions and urethane formulas available.





We pay a lot of attention to making production as green as possible,

sourcing our maple from accredited regenerative forests and using fast growing bamboo wherever possible.



In 2013, our in-house design team created our flagship Talisman truck; a unique, premium, skull ball RK truck suitable for all disciplines.

This is available as an aftermarket component and comes as standard on many of our boards,

as well as forming the basis of our premium Voodoo Range.




We are constantly evolving and improving products through a process of continuous feedback from our many riders and stores.



From mini cruisers to freestyle, dance and downhill boards, Mindless creates boards for all riding styles and levels.

We consistently respond to the needs of this fast-growing sport whilst staying true to the philosophy we started with so many years ago.