Here at Mindless, we have been producing our own boards, bombing the hills and carving the streets for over a decade now, so you can rest assured there is a wealth of knowledge and experience invested in every board that we make. Across all of our ranges, every single layer of ply is hand picked, checked and finished before being individually pressed to make the great boards you see gracing these hallowed pages or cruising the streets.  Our philosophy is simple; make the best products we can, at the best possible prices, without substituting quality for quantity! All of our boards and components are designed and sourced by us and us alone. This means we have complete control over every aspect of the board, resulting in a unique Mindless experience for you. What you see is what you get; quality boards and components finished with the same amount of love and attention you would expect from any major name in the longboard scene.


We’re always looking for riders to rep Mindless and telling the world about us, and we will continue to offer a multitude of prizes to give away for competitions. So this year, we’re stoked to be even more actively involved with the longboard community.




The Mindless team have spent several years developing and testing some of the best pressing techniques, board constructions and urethane formulas to create what has become “Voodoo”, our premium longboard range.


The Mindless Witch Doctor put us into our Voodoo trance and extracted the extensive knowledge we have gained pressing decks over the last decade! Combining that with advanced fiber laminates technology and some of the best pressing techniques and materials, we have conjured up some mighty boards to bewitch you under our Mindless spell. Focusing on performance and quality, as well as dark tribal designs, Mindless voodoo has something for every rider who is serious about longboarding.


Of course we cannot forget to mention our custom precision Talisman truck that really does contain our blood, sweat and tears! All of our products across the Mindless Classic range and Mindless Voodoo Magic range (MVM) go through rigorous testing before and during production by our development team, as well as after by a great selection of riders around the UK and Europe.





Everyone here at Mindless is 100% committed to doing everything possible to help minimise the negative effects on the environment caused by producing our boards for your riding pleasure!


The biggest impact we have on the environment is the harvesting of the maple used in our boards. To ensure we are doing everything in our power to help sustain the forests and future of our planet, we insist all of our hardwood is sourced only from regenerative forests located in the Appalachian Mountains, USA. With the hardwood safely protected, our designers are always looking for ways to use less of it!


Bamboo is key in this and has been proven to be an awesome replacement for Maple. Not only does it grow faster than any other woody plant, it also offers fantastic design opportunities and performance benefits. We are always striving to find other new or innovative ways to be kinder to the environment. In the Mindless wood shop we try to recycle as much as possible and, as well as this, we re-use items; like the backing sheets from grip tape and excess cardboard as packaging and using the waste wood scraps as fuel for our driers!


Keeping true to these values means we can supply you with the best possible products at the best possible prices whilst trying to do our bit for the environment. Better boards means less waste, less waste means we can not only do our bit to help the  environment but we can pass on our experience and knowledge via our products to help you do yours and allow you to ride with  confidence.