• Makali SK2

  • Makali DH3

Mindless Longboards Talisman Trucks
Researched and developed to be unique in design and performance.

 Light weight gravity cast construction and heat treated for strength.

Raw & Sandblasted finishes are all hardwearing and wont chip or flake after a few hard impacts or grinds.

177mm width and 50° baseplate
Faced hangers to reduce the chance of bearing scrub.

Mellow bushing seat, providing the perfect amount of resistance whilst retaining great bushing rebound.

Fixed kingpins make changing bushings a painless and quick process.

One of few cast trucks to use Skull ball pivot, making turning seamless.

6 hole base plate allows the Talisman to be used on every deck.

Remove the pivot cup with ease with a purpose placed hole.
Light weight, 800g per pair.

Mindless signature eye shaped king pin hole, a wink to the voodoo origins, but primarily allowing  maximum kingpin clearance giving huge lean capabilities.

Make everywhere your playground, slashing between everyday obstacles and making gaps others simply can't. 

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